“Providing Women with the Tools to Start Healthy Living”

Perple Fitness Summary of Goals


Perple Fitness in an entity formed to enlighten women and their families, on living whole lives in the areas of nutrition, fitness, health and spirituality: utilizing the latest technology and apps.  Perple Fitness explores issues that plague, prevent, and undermine women and their families from achieving healthier lifestyles.  Furthermore, Perple Fitness continually research and present various solutions to confront each roadblocks head-on.  Perple Fitness current and future goals include raising awareness about nutritional fixes, easy to follow fitness plans, health disparities in women, easy recipes/swaps and spiritual foundational scriptures for encouragement, through this website, blog articles, shared articles, lectures, yoga-cardio fitness classes and apps.  Building healthier communities one person at a time to inspire global changes that will initiate new standards policies and solutions for healthier lifestyles that will lead to another level of good living is the underlying goal of Perple Fitness.


Perple Fitness will provide information and lectures that will focus on these areas:

• Making decisions for a healthy lifestyle and why it is important.

• Providing guidelines on how to find the right/good information about living a healthier lifestyle.

• Helping you to understand your starting point, and why you need to consult your doctor(s).

• Drawing up a simple health and fitness plan that you can easily follow everyday.

• Putting the new information into action.

• What it takes to stay committed to your plan of action.

• How and why investing in your health on the preventative end is best.

• On Apps and current technology that can aid in your efforts to stay on track.

• Sharing encouraging scriptures and devotionals.


*This site should not replace sound medical advice/solutions from your personal physician. It is recommended that you seek medical advice from your personal physician. This site is an information portal only not meant for diagnosing, or replacing regular doctor visits. Perple Fitness (PF) will only share helpful articles/information from reputable sources. PF does not condone nor promote fad/dangerous diet solutions or cleanses. You agree to hold harmless Perplefitness, it's owner, associates or any future associates with Perplefitness, for any information contained on this site or attached blog, including linked articles.




Whatever I have a need to do (maintain a healthier lifestyle), wherever I am (physically, mentally and whatever my health starting point is), I can make it through anything (eating healthier and exercising even when I’m tired) in the One (Jesus) who makes me who I am (I am a good steward over the temple God has blessed me to live in). Philippians 4:13 MSG


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